About me

  • Hi, I am very glad to meet you here!
  • My name is Zhening Zhang. I am a senior student of China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) and University of Strathclyde (UoS) Joint-Degree Program. My program in CPU is Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and my major in UoS is Biochemistry and Pharmacology (Honours).
  • Currently, I am doing my graduation project supervised by Prof. Luke Chamberlain about SPRED-1 and SPRED-3 as tumor suppressors in different cancer types: a comprehensive genomic analysis regarding tumorigenesis and prognosis.
  • I have systematically studied professional courses in Biomedicine as well as Pharmacology and maintained top 1 in my major since the freshman year, with a GPA of 3.84/4.00.
  • I was awarded the President Scholarship (12 students awarded in CPU each year), the First-class Scholarship, and the First Prize Scholarship of world exploration for CPU, and elected as the Triple-A Student for Jiangsu Province (10 students awarded in CPU each year).
  • By actively engaging in lab researches and thesis projects, I have also mastered a series of lab techniques (IHC, ELISA, Flowcytometry, Western-blot, Cell and animal based experiment, Protein production, etc), familiarized with statistics software (Graphpad, Origin, Real Statistics) and illustration (Photoshop, Biorender, Image J), and strengthened skill in literature review.

  • I decided to devote myself to medical research since my eight years old. Driven by great internal motivation and self-discipline, I am capable of learning independently. After multiple research experience in China and UK, I think I am a considerate and open-minded person who is good at working as part of a team and dealing with diverse people.  
  • My research interest is revealing the molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying the development and metastasis of solid tumors (e.g., breast cancer), and developing possible cancer therapies accordingly.

To learn more about me, you can have a view of my CV page here, or download it for a future view.